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Prisoner of War and Missing in Action - Ribbon


1,763 US and 2 Canadian Armed Forces personnel
still M.I.A. and unaccounted

We Remember - Red Poppy

They shall not grow old,
As we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning.
We will remember them.

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Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

CVVA Memorial Wall
Photo by Shirley and Rob Purvis

The Canadian Vietnam Veterans Wall is a travelling wall and its home-base is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Purpose of The Memorial Wall

- HONOR the Canadians who followed their conscience and fought for freedom in the Vietnam War.

- EDUCATE and raise public awareness of Canadians participation in the Vietnam War.

- STIMULATE the spirit of patriotism in Canada.

  • The design was the idea of Doug Anderson, program director of the Fargo Air Museum. The wall is in the shape of the Canadian flag, to reflect the heritage of those who gave their lives.

  • It is 6' high and 12' wide. The Memorial is a "moving wall", consisting of six panels that make up the flag, and a separate elevated maple leaf that affixes to the center of the wall.

  • The Wall is made of thin aluminum, formed and welded together and filled with Styrofoam insulation. The panels were powder coated for durability.

  • The names of 149 Canadians confirmed killed in the Vietnam War serving with the US Armed Forces are inscribed on the wall, including the 7 "Missing in Action".

  • Names are listed chronologically. The names of two Canadian military personnel killed in action and two missing in action in Vietnam while serving with International Control Security Commission are listed separately. ( * Denotes Canadians who served with the I.C.C. )

Canadian Casualties Listed on the C.V.V.A. Memorial Wall

John A. Anderson
Alfonso P. Bartalotti
Fidele J. Bastarache
Gaetan J.G. Beaudoin
Alvin K. Bencher
Vincent Bernard
Ralph W. Bigelow
Vincent, Bernard
Dennis Black

Guy A. Blanchette
Daniel A. Bolduc
Gregory L. Bomberry
Ivan C. Broeffle
Thomas E. Brown
Peter N. Bruyere
Gary Butt
J.S. Byrne *
Michael F. Campbell
Randall K. Campbell
Bernard J. Caron
Dale S. Chamberlain
David Chisholm
Larry R. Collins
Mark P. Collins
Andrew C. Conrad, Jr
Austin M. Corbiere
Normand A. Corbin
Frank E. Crabbe
Roger M. Creta
Raymond Darrigan
Donald P. Davies
Patrick J. Dearborn
Francis J.D. Delmark
Brian J. Devaney
Douglas W. Devoe
Richard P. Dextraze
Henry Dew
Guy D. Dickie
Michael J. Dunn
Gordon P. Eadie
Ronald R. Fillmore
John F. Francis
Thomas E. Fraser
Joseph O. Frigault

Gerard L. J. Gauthier
Leslie N. General
Francis Girardot
Danny E. Goodwin
Gilbert J. Graham (MIA)
Larry Green
David Hann
Randolph E. Hatton
Wayne L. Hawes
Robert W. Holditch
Willis F. House
George Hudson
George V. Jmaeff
Andrew J. Jobey
Harry D.C. Kellar
John W.S.G. Kelly
Bruce T. Kennedy
Robert W. Kenny
Jonathan P. Kmetyk (MIA)
Adolf J. Kroisenbacher
Robert, Kunkel
Michael Laderoute
Hans Lorenz
Paul S. Laverock
Daryl D.S. Lawson
Kevin D. Low
Geoffery J. Lukey
John W. MacGlashan
David K. Manning
Maurice John Marier
Alan C. Martin
Joesph H. Marshall, III
Michael J. Masterson (MIA)
Ian McIntosh (MIA)
John Mclean
David McNac
Rob G. McSorley
W.M. Memnook *
Cyril Mitchell, Jr
Regen A. Monette
Donald W. Morin
Gordon Murray
Calvin I. Nesbitt
James A. Nicholson
Paul O’Leary


William Ott

Vernon Perkins *
Roger M. creta
William M. Price (MIA)
Gary W. Purcell
John H. Reeves (MIA)
Gregory Rindy
William R. Robson
John J. Roden
Robert J. Santoro
Charlie F. Sauler
Daniel L.P. Sauve
David B. Savage
Dennis R. Schmidt
Steven J. Scott
Robert Scott
Ronald Scott
Larry S. Semeniuk
Edward G. Sharpe
Gary F. Shaw (MIA)
John C. Sherin III
Eldon W. Smith
Frank J. Somers
Tadeusz Sozniak
Stefan Z. Stalinski
Robert J. Steel
Alan M. Sturdy
Melvin H. Suthons
David Sweet
Randy Van Turner
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomson
Vernon J. Thorsteinson
Eldon William Tozer
Charles Tremblay
Murray D. Vidler
Baxter Warren
Rutherford J. Welsh
Robert Vernes
Gordon G. White
Richard C. Williams
Thomas M. Williams
Paul H. Wolos
Jonathan P Works
Alain Wright
Melvin James Wright
Gerald F. Young


Canadain Peter Lemon's Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor Awarded to Canadian SGT Peter C. Lemon

In Memory to Our Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Wall on Display at Ron and Connie Parkes - CVVA Picnic in Lancaster, MN.
Memorial Wall - C.V.V.A. Picnic - Lancaster, MN

Canadians in The Vietnam War

  • During the cold war, the Canadian military stood shoulder to shoulder with American and West European forces as a deterrent to communist forces in that part of the world. From 1961 to 1975, the United States of America fought "communist aggression" in South-East Asia.

  • While Canada was not officially involved in the Vietnam War due to their commitments to the ICSC, thousands of Canadians who felt the cause was right, crossed over the border and joined the the United States Armed Forces. Others who were working in the U.S.A. were drafted. An estimated 12,000 served in the Vietnam War because of ideological and moral support of the American war effort.

  • The coalition of Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association was formed in 1986. The C.V.V.A. is dedicated to assist and support Vietnam War era veterans and their families and to perpetuate the memory and deeds of the fallen.


    The Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Trailer

    Memorial Wall Trailer

    The Memorial Wall Trailer is used to transport the "Memorial" to various locations in Canada and the United States for display. It's our way of honoring the memory of our fallen comrades.

    Memorial Wall Fund Raising

    • It is only through the generous contributions of donors and friends of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association that we are able to proceed with the memorial wall.

    • The C.V.V.A. (Manitoba) is actively pursuing financial support for the memorial fund. Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated.

    • Donations can be made at any C.V.V.A functions, or sent to:

    C.V.V.A. Memorial Wall Fund
    813 Nottingham Ave
    Winnipeg, Manitoba,
    Canada  R2K 2C9
    Phone: 204.668.8774

    Thank You!


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