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Memberships and Dues
  • Membership in the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association shall be as prescribed by the membership regulation in the Constitution of the C.V.V.A.

  • Dues shall be paid annually or for life.

  • A non-resident membership shall be available to eligible persons who are not resident in the immediate vicinity of any existing chapter. Dues for this non-resident membership shall be uniform with chapter dues.

Eligibility and Types of Memberships

For Membership Application: email Contact: Rob Purvis


The requirements for Regular (Active) Membership is for service or ex-service personnel who served with the U.S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam War Era, (February 28, 1961- May 7, 1975). A copy of your DD form 214 must accompany your application for Regular Active Membership and will be maintained in our files. Persons who served with the allied Forces in Vietnam may qualify providing they are able to produce appropriate documentation.


A) Persons who served in the military, Canada, United States, or Allies may be eligible for "Honorary"Regular Membership, subject to the approval by the Regular Members.

Entitled to participate in general meetings. Entitled to vote on motions concerning social functions, and can be appointed to committees.


A) The requirements for an Honorary Membership is for persons related by blood or marriage to regular members.

B) Persons who served as civilians in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

C) Persons who served, or are serving with the US Armed Forces and Allied Armed Forces may be eligible for Honorary Membership, subject to approval of the general membership.

D) Persons who support the purposes and objectives of the CVVA subject to the approval of the general membership.


Membership Dues

Annual membership dues are $25.00 and lifetime, $100.00 (Dues for memberships are due by January 1st of each year and expires on December 31st)

For Membership Application Contact: email Contact: Rob Purvis

All memberships are to be approved by the membership committee and put forth at a general meeting for acceptance or rejection. Certain membership applications are to include proof of service.


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