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Detective Don Moore Investigating Triple Murder/Suicide

Detective Don Moore Investigating Triple Murder/Suicide
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Detective Don Moore Taking Women and Child To Safety

  • June 1989, the scene of a forty-three hour standoff with the Winnipeg Police in a quite middle-class neighbourhood.

  •  Ended in a triple murder/suicide, committed by the father of the Reid family.

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NOTE: In the photo, Detective Don Moore is kneeling in front of the body of the murdered women, Mary Anne Reid.

Don Moore related the following to the C.V.V.A. webmaster:

When our tactical team started the assault on the house, at 5:00am, I had been sleeping in a chair (been there since the beginning) inside the command vehicle. It sounded like a mini war as 100's of tear gas shells and stun grenades were fired through the doors and windows of the house in an effort to get the suspect to flee.

But he had barricaded himself in the basement behind the freezer ready for a fight, but he then shot himself, just before we entered. Never forget that incident. Along with at least 50 other crazy ones !!!!!!!




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