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Sgt. Don Moore - 1979Don Moore - After retirement!
  Sgt. Don Moore  Don After Retirement


Don Moore's Early Life

  • Don Moore was born on 08 June 1955.

  • Don lived his early years growing up in a military environment with his Mom and Dad and Brother. He lived in Chalk River Ontario, CFB Soest (Germany), CFB Picton Ontario, CFB Petawawa Ontario, and finally Winnipeg Manitoba.

  • He graduated from high school in 1972 and worked at several jobs until he decided to join the Winnipeg Police Department in 1979.

Winnipeg Police Department - Murders, Shootings, Assaults, & Robberies

  • Things were different back then. The day that I was “sworn” into the police department, I was assigned to walk the infamous beat known as the “drag.” This was downtown Winnipeg between Main Street and Higgins Avenue. No training, no weapons, just myself and another young officer wearing a uniform. My world changed that afternoon. Each shift was seven and then eight shifts in a row. There were stabbings, robberies, assaults, and complete barroom brawls on the drag.

  •  On my first night shift, I discovered the most brutal murder of a night watchman in one of the seedy hotels on the drag. I also walked in on a knife fight in another hotel, just as one combatant was pulling a paring knife out of the other’s stomach.

  • After 2 months of walking the drag, I went to the police academy. Upon graduation, I was fully trained and I was assigned to uniform general patrol in St. James, District 2. Working a cruiser car enhanced my experiences. Daily doses of thefts, assaults, robberies, and domestics were the norm.

  • One afternoon, my partner and I received a call about a woman with a shotgun in a residential area of St. James. Upon our arrival, a blast took out the front quarter panel to the cruiser. A woman had a pump action shotgun and began shooting at our police car. I was stuck behind the right quarter panel for what seemed like hours until she was found by other members back inside her house. She was deemed “insane” at trial.

St. James Major Crime Detective & Patrol Sergeant

  • In 1986 I was assigned to the detective unit in St. James. I now was assigned to follow up on all criminal reports that were committed in district 2.

  • In 1987, I was transferred to the Detective Major Crime Unit out of the main police station on Princess St. Although I was assigned to the Property Crime Unit, this unit worked/assisted on all major crime including homicides.

  • In 1989, I was transferred back to uniform to downtown, Division 11. I was assigned to work general patrol, however I was assigned to work “the garbage” unit which was a plain clothes unit, which worked undercover with the general patrol units. This unit did follow up investigations that the uniformed members couldn’t do.

  • In 1990, I was promoted to Patrol Sergeant. I was assigned to the Child Abuse unit as a Detective Sergeant for only three weeks when I was assigned to the Winnipeg Police Academy as a recruit and Senior Member In-service instructor. During that time, I was a Use of Force/Officer Safety Instructor.

Detective Sergeant - Child Abuse Unit

  • In 1995, I was transferred back to the Child Abuse Unit as a Detective Sergeant. This was a tough but rewarding unit to work in as it brought great satisfaction to bringing accused persons to trial that had abused children. As Canadian law does not have a “statute of limitations” I also investigated historical sexual abuse cases in which adults came forward with complaints of sexual abuse cases from when they were children. As a result, I had the opportunities to travel across Canada and the United States investigating these types of offences.

Detective Sergeant - Major Sex Crimes Unit

  • In 1999, I was transferred to the Major Sex Crimes Unit as a Detective Sergeant. This was a new unit that was solely responsible for investigating sexually related offences against adult persons.

  • In 2001, I was promoted to Sergeant. I was assigned to command an eighteen plus man/woman uniformed shift in the city’s North End. (District 3). The North End was indeed a “war zone.” Many street gangs originated from the North End, and every shift was busy. Stabbings, shootings, assaults were the norm. Every night, the holding rooms were overflowing with prisoners handcuffed to every object that could be found. I felt sorry for the cleaners who had to come in every morning to mop up the gore on the walls and floors.

  • In 2005, I was transferred to St. James (Dist 2) as the Officer in Charge of the District Two Crime Unit. (Detectives). Once again, this unit investigated all criminal offences with the exception of homicides.

Retirement - Winnipeg Police Service

  • In 2010, I retired from the Winnipeg Police Service after serving for thirty one plus years.

Vietnam War Interest

  • My interest in the Vietnam War started as a teenager in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I grew up in a military environment. Although the Canadian Government remained neutral during the Vietnam War, the Canadian Army was willing and prepared to go and join their American Allies.

  • I am proud to be an Associate Member of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association, as well as an Associate Member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 374 North Dakota.

  • “I wasn’t there, but I still care.”


It is an honour to have you as a member of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association. You chose to Serve and Protect all Canadians as a Police Officer and we thank you for your honourable and distinguished service to our country. May you enjoy a peaceful retirement, without fear of being gunned down while on duty!

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