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Sharp Memorial  Sharp memorial

Sharp Memorial at Winnipeg River, Pine Falls, Manitoba. Canadian Vietnam Veteran, Edward Gerald Sharpe

bullet Scenes from last years "Three Walls, Two Countries" at The Highground Veterans Memorial, Neillsville, Wisconsin.

(Filmed by the CBC)

bullet Message From The CVVA President RON PARKES Re: Dick Olsen.pdf icon

bullet Oregon Veterans Licence Plate - Ron Parkes

bullet is a great website with search engine of the casualties listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

bullet The Red of Flowing Blood I See. It is about a young man who comes to Canada to avoid serving in Vietnam (but not for the reason one might think)

bullet In response to a letter "A WORD OF CAUTION". TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.pdf.pdf icon by C.V.V.A. President Ron Parkes.

bullet Veteran Licence Plate.pdf.pdf icon

bullet Gull One Down By Norman Malayney.pdf.pdf icon

bullet A Summary of December 1969 Events for Boxer 22 by Norman Malayney.pdfpdf icon

bullet USS JOHN C Stennis Aircraft Carrier Operations. Aircraft Carrier Ops. Incredible!

bullet VIETNAM -- ONE CANADIAN’S CHOICE by Reverend Gordon C. Simons former U.S. Army L.R.R.P.

bullet Navajo Code Talker President PFC Keith M. Little, passed away in Fort Defiance, Arizona. Official Site of the Navajo Code Talkers

bullet C.V.V.A. 25th Anniversary Group Photo - To View all the C.V.V.A. Photo Albums GO..HERE

bullet Sean Quigley, Little Drummer Boy from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

bullet US Armed Forces Videos

bullet Who would have thought that KISS even knew the words or music to these songs! KISS' Military Salute...

bullet H.R. 812, the Agent Orange Equity Act. Letter by, Devin Nunes, Member of Congress

bullet Link to the news story aired by CJBN (Shaw) TV in Kenora. Really good interviews defining what CAV is all about and the bond between us and Patriot Guard Riders.

bullet The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration.pdfpdf icon (Sent in by Ken Poitras)

bullet VVA President's Report: Lifetime Membership Presented to VVA President John Rowan.pdfpdf icon

bullet Vietnam Stats.pdfpdf icon (Sent in by Dan Stenvold)

bullet "The Final Inspection".pdfpdf icon (Sent in by Don Moore)

bullet OSAMA BIN LADEN DEAD! Thank you Special Forces! Jubilant Crowd Outside White House SEE VIDEO


bullet VA Grave Marker for Veterans: medallion.pdfpdf icon

bullet Rolling Thunder Inc. Flame Of Freedom

bullet Vietnam War Commemoration - 50th Anniversary:

bullet Anyone who served in Vietnam itself, or in the theater, should watch this video. Those who were not there will not truly understand how this video can affect those who were. right hand icon VIETNAM

bullet OBITUARY - George Chamberland, Sergeant at Arms - ANAF Club 60

bullet VA Processes First Claims for New Agent Orange Presumptive

bullet NATIONAL GUARD North Dakota - Services Planned for Vietnam War Pilot’s Return, Funeral.pdfpdf icon

bullet STUXNET virus set back Iran’s nuclear program by 2 years. The Jerusalem Post

bullet Veterans Report is the most comprehensive newsletter available to help Veterans

bullet Rolling Thunder - Flame of Freedom Protocol  -  Rolling Thunder 2010 - A Marine's Vigil

bullet Incredible story of Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta, the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor in 40 years. right hand icon Click Here to View Video

bullet Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, plotted by their hometown locations in Canada. Interactive MAP.

bullet You may be eligible for Ordinary Membership in the Royal Canadian Legion if you have served or are serving in:

  • the Forces of the United States; or

  •  the Vietnam War with the Armed Forces of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea or South Vietnam, and were a Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject at the time of service. Right Hand Icon Download Application Form.

bullet Feds Try to Save Law Punishing Phony Military Heroes. The law is needed to protect the honor of real heroes.

bullet Canadian Born U.S. Marine. Information requested. Do you know him?

bullet U.S. Army Reports Record Number of Suicides for June, 2010 (Sent in by Ken Poitras)

bullet Operations Iraqi & Enduring Freedom - Honor The FALLEN. - Army Spc.Keenan A.Cooper (Born, Morden, MB  Canada)

bullet LZ Lambeau Exhibit - Hello in Canada!

bullet Requesting Military Record Search: U.S. Army Records.pdf.pdf U.S. Marines & Air Force Records.pdf.pdf Gulf War Records.pdf.pdf

bullet California Sets A Day To Recognize Vietnam Veterans

bullet Glen Douglas - Veteran of Three Wars. Glen talks about his war experiences & the PTSD he's endured ever since.

bullet Letter of the Day.doc  by Patrick Donahoe, Colonel, United States Army. (Sent in by Ken Poitras)

bullet Upcoming Movie on Tommy Prince, "Canada's Most Decorated First Nations Soldier" right hand icon Photos right hand icon Winnipeg SUN 

right hand icon Tommy Prince.pdf.pdf "A Synopsis of His Military Life"  -  right hand icon Prince of the Brigade "Veterans Affairs Canada"

bullet Robert Howard - Medal of Honor

bullet Vietnam War Casualties From Canada.

bullet Fargo Air Museum NEWSLETTER.pdfPDF

bullet Former Marijuana Smuggler & Vietnam War Hero Seeks Greater Recognition: Phoenix New Times

bullet UPDATE: Vietnam War Hero Tony Tercero: Phoenix New Times

bullet U.S. Army Symbols and Insignia

bullet A Long Way Home  -  Interlake Spectator

bullet Military Funeral Honors - Devils Lake ND  -  INFORMATION: CVVA Bulletin Board

bullet Folding the American Flag:

bullet eVetRecs: Online Request Copies of Military Personnel Records. (Sent in by Karla Richardson - MN Patriot Guard Ride Captain)

bullet BEWARE FAKERS in FATIGUES and WANNABE's!!! is coming to BUST you!

bullet  Application Form For Standard Government Headstone or Marker

bullet Military Connection Free Resources: 

bullet Thousands of Canadians Served With the U.S. Military in Vietnam

bullet Can a non-US citizen enlist or join the US Army? Non-US Citizen Enlistment Criteria

bullet The VVA Self-Help Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure To Agent Orange

bullet VA Health Care Eligibility & Enrollment. How do I get a Veterans Identification Card (VIC)?

bullet Military Funeral Honors (Sponsored by DOD)

bullet Application Form For Standard Government HEADSTONE OR MARKER

bullet 24/7 Resources For US Military Members, Spouses, and Families - Military One Source

bullet "The Army Reporter" May 18, 1970, An Khe, Vietnam - "Insullting Lizard". See photo of lizard. Listen to the sounds of the Tokay Gecko Lizard.(by Rob Purvis)

bullet Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.pdfPDF (Sent in by Ken Poitras)

bullet PTSD - ND American Legion Courage Carries On  (Sent in by Dan Stenvold)

bullet North Dakota Man Makes Walking Sticks For Veteran Amputees .pdf PDF (.jpg) (Sent in by Rainman)

bullet Sacrifice Medal - Directorate of Honours and Recognition (DH&R)




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