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Some 10 yrs ago, I met a man by the last name of Jmaeff. On his fireplace mantle was a photo of a US Marine and I inquired as to who that was. Sadly, it was his brother George who was KIA in Vietnam. It was then that I became aware of George Jmaeff, Karl Marlantes, and the novel Matterhorn. There are no words for the amount of respect I have for those Canadians who chose to serve in the Vietnam War.
I am wondering if anyone on this site has ever considered doing oral history interviews with Canadian Vietnam vets or their brother's in arms, family members, etc., to preserve their stories. I know that similar projects in the US have taken place. Canadian Vietnam vet stories deserve to be treasured.
Thank you...and thank you veterans for your service...Americans and Canadians alike...we are forever grateful.

Admin reply: Thank you Kelly for your interest in the Canadian Vietnam Veterans. To my knowledge there has not been any oral histories done specifically focusing on Canadian Vietnam veterans. I have met and talked with my fellow veterans for the past 30 years and heard some absolutely fascinating stories of their experiences. In hindsight I wish I had recorded their experiences.

Added: December 8, 2016
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Daniel A. Bolduc is remembered with a brass plaque on the town war cenotaph in Lennoxville.

Second question, are there any members who were MPs (1969-to 72) and were crew on V100 armored cars? A private collector is researching markings. coldwarcollection dot com

Admin reply: Hello Terry it is reassuring to know Daniel's name is inscribed on the cenotaph in Lennoxville. I remember seeing lots of the V100 armored vehicles during my tour in Vietnam but have never personally met any crew members

Added: October 27, 2016
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My Father
May 19, 1945 - February 15, 1970

He was born in Montreal but grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Served in Vietnam 1969-1970.
Always in my heart ❤️😥

Admin reply: Thank you for visiting our website Sonya. Deeply regret that your father had to pay the ultimate sacrifice. His name is on our Canadian Memorial Wall and he will never be forgotten. I noticed your dad served with N Co 75th Rangers 69-70. I served with K Co 75th Rangers 69-70. Both N & K Co's stayed in the same camp for a few days so we may have crossed paths!!!!!

Added: July 2, 2016
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Served , Three Years in US Army , One year State side , 1966 - 1967.
One year South Vietnam 1967 - 1968 , 1st six months with Headquarters Company 554th Construction Engineer Battalion , Cu Chi.
Six Months With 588th Combat Engineers Dau Tieng When I arrived In Vietnam my M.O. was Changed From Combt. Engr. to Communications with OJT as a , Fieldwireman , Switchboard Operator and Radio Operator.
last year in service was in West Germany.
At Completion Of My service Moved to Canada ,became a Canadian Citizen April 10 , 1975

Admin reply: Welcome Home to Winnipeg, Canada Jon. Our club meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Army, Navy, Air Force Club 300-1395 Elice Ave and you would be very welcome to join us.
P.S. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of our Association

Added: April 6, 2016
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Good to find this site I also am a viet Vet
Served with 101st B 2501.Now that I know about it I will
check in often. Be carefull out there.It is still a Jungle

Admin reply: "Welcome Home" Don and thanks for signing our guestbook.

Added: February 9, 2016
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Private post. Click to view.

Added: January 9, 2016
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My uncle, Wayne Lindsay 'Willy' Hawes, while a member of the Special Forces, was killed on patrol in Laos in 1969. Other than that I know almost nothing about his service in the US Army. I have his Purple Heart. If anyone knew Uncle Willy, I would like to hear from you.

Admin reply: Hello Barry Your uncle "Wayne" is on our Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. I searched the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund "Wall of Faces" hoping to find more information and perhaps a posting of someone who served with him but no luck. If we come across any information on your uncle we shall certainly pass it along.
All the best from the members of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association

Added: November 23, 2015
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On November 3, 1963, Dan Stapley and I crossed over to Detroit and went to the US Marine Corps recruiter to get our orders to leave for MCRD San Diego and eventually earn the title of "Marine". After a year of electronics schools, and advancing to Corporal (E-4), I ended up in the 9th Engr Bn and went to Chu Lai, Viet Nam. I had lost track of Dan as he was assigned somewhere other than electronics after boot camp. I was honourably discharged on October 1966. Being a dual citizen, I had lived and worked in both countries during my career. I am currently in Lima, Ohio. I often wonder what happened to Dan and how Canadians serving in a US service and in Viet Nam were counted. I am pleased to find this group.

Admin reply: Thank you Roy for your service in the U.S. Marines and for signing our guestbook. WELCOME HOME! I believe most of us Canadians who served in the U.S. Armed Forces were counted in the State in which we enlisted. We'll probably never know the exact number of Canadians who crossed the border to serve in the Vietnam War. It took a lot of guts and admiration of the U.S.A. for us to go fight in a very unpopular war, half way around the world!

Added: November 20, 2015
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Looking for Oscar Wiermeyer. He served in both the 101st Airborne and the 173rd Airborne. C/4/503 has it's own web site and reunions and we'd love to see him again. AATW

Added: November 19, 2015
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I grew up in Windsor, Ontario. In 1964 at the age of 17 I joined the US Army. My father signed the necessary papers and I was off to Fort Knox for basic training. I asked for Armor because I wanted to drive and shoot tanks. If fact, my advanced training was on the M60 Tank.
I was sent to Germany, where I spent 18 months. I volunteered for Vietnam and was sent to Cam Ranh Bay. I was the company clerk in the 92nd Finance Division. So much for action and adventure.
I did travel around the country and spent some time in Saigon, but was not directly involved in the fighting.

Admin reply: Thank you Don for visiting our website and signing our guestbook. "Welcome Home", and thank you for your military service to America. Tomorrow is Veterans Day in the U.S.A. and of course Remembrance Day here in Canada. Don, that's our day!

Added: November 10, 2015
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