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Americal Division Patch
Americal 23rd Inf. Div.

4th Infantry Division Patch
4th Infantry Division
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Paul Dufault's US Army Photos

Americal 23rd Infantry Vietnam Patch - 1967-1971

Piece Maker Gun Truck

"Piece Maker" - LZ Bronco -  Chu Lai, Vietnam - 1970

4th Infantry Vietnam Patch - 1966-1970

Paul - Duc Pho, Vietnam

 Paul in Duc Pho, Vietnam - 1970

M79 - US 40mm Grenade Launcher

Paul - M-79 "Grenade Launcher" - An Khe, Vietnam - 1970

Tank Retriever

Leaving Chu Lai with M88 Recovery Vehicle, Retrieving Disabled Tank - Vietnam 1970

Honey Dew & Paul - Saddest of My Life - Leaving My Best Friend Behind in Vietnam

Saddest Day of Our Lives
(look at her ears; she sensed bad vibes)
"Last Day of our 1 Year Inseparable Friendship"
Leaving behind my best friend "Honey Dew" in Vietnam - 1971
Next Stop; Cam Rahn Bay, VN. Rotating Back To "The Land of The Big PX" USA.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

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