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Life Member of The Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association

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Archie MooreArchie Moore

Regimental Sergeant Major Archie Moore CD

cross 1931 - 2017 RIP

Canadian Army Flag


Canadian Army Reserve - Royal Canadian Navy

  • Richard “Archie” Moore was born on 20 March 1931 and was raised in Halifax Nova Scotia.

  • At the age of 17 years, (1948) Archie joined the Canadian Army Reserves in Halifax and began his training as an army medic. Continued on with his civilian life as a butcher and then as a professional boxer until the age of 26.

  • In 1955, Archie joined the Royal Canadian Navy full time and was assigned to the HMCS Nootka, a tribal class destroyer. Archie was a torpedo gunner during his two year stint on the Nootka. However, sea-sickness became an issue during that time, and in 1957, Archie was transferred to the Canadian Army.

 CFB Petawawa - Nuclear Reactor

  • In 1958, while stationed at CFB Petawawa, the nuclear reactor at Chalk River Ontario, which was 10 miles from Petawawa had a nuclear leak, at which time, all citizens were evacuated from the area. Archie’s company, 1st Battalion Canadian Guards were assigned to guard the abandoned reactor, and Archie’s squad was assigned to secure the inner perimeter of the reactor. For three weeks, Archie and his squad was subjected to radiation that was leaking out of the reactor. In 2010, Archie was finally recognized for his duty inside the reactor and was compensated for this by the Canadian Government. He is a member of the “Atomic Veterans Association.”

Canadian Guards - Germany "Cold War"

  • Archie was transferred with the Canadian Guards to Germany in 1959 for three years, at the height of the “Cold War”. One night while on patrol in a jeep equipped with an anti-tank rocket, his three man patrol encountered two very aggressive Russian T-33 tanks that rapidly approached their jeep at the fortified border. The tanks stopped facing his jeep and actually lowered the tank turrent so that the cannon was aimed directly at his jeep. Archie’s radioman called for help while holding off the two aggressive tanks. With what seemed an eternity, finally Archie heard the rumblings of several American tanks which rumbled up behind him. Archie stated that both tanks went muzzle to muzzle in a standoff for several minutes when the Russian tanks backed off. Archie later stated that that was one of the scariest times of his life.

War-Torn Cyprus - United Nations

  • In 1964, Archie was deployed with the Canadian Guards to war torn Cyprus as a member of the United Nations. While on patrol, Archie and his 8 man patrol were overpowered by members of the Turkish army in an ambush and were actually taken prisoner. While suffering no casualties, Archie and his members were stripped of their weapons and were being escorted back to a Turkish compound. By stroke of luck, they were being escorted by three young Turks. When the opportunity arose, Archie, using his boxing skills managed to knock out one of his captors, while his radioman broke the radio over another’s head while the third Turk was overpowered by the rest of the team. After tying up the three Turks, the squad actually recovered their weapons and ran back to the Canadian lines.

  • While on patrol in Cypress, Archie and his convoy of two jeeps were on road that was the scene of fighting between the Turks and the Greeks. The way out was uneventful, however upon returning to the Canadian Compound, Archie discovered that the Greeks had established a military roadblock and hostilities were high. Once again, being taken prisoner was not an option, so Archie gave the order to ram the barricades with their jeeps. When the two jeeps broke through the roadblock, the Greeks opened fire on the U.N. jeeps, however, Archie and his patrol were unhurt.

Ace Mobile Force - Rapid Deployment Reactionary Co.

  •  In 1967, Archie became a member of the Ace Mobile Force, which was a rapid deployment reactionary company , with the Canadian Guards, that could be sent on a moments notice to any part of the world. Archie went for jungle warfare training in Georgia for South East Asia as well as to Norway where they learned Arctic Warfare from the Norwegian Armed Forces.

  • In 1969 the Canadian Guards were disbanded and Archie was patched over to the Royal Canadian Regiment at CFB Petawawa. In 1970, Archie was involved in protecting the Prime Minister when the FLQ crisis broke out in Quebec.

  • In 1973, Archie was again patched over to the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry in Winnipeg Manitoba where he ended his active military career in 1978.

  • From 1978 to 1984, Archie served as the Chief Warrant Officer with Winnipeg 735 Communication Regiment, a reserve unit.


Archie Moore's Awarded Medals

Special Service MedalCanadian Peace Keeping MedalUN Forces CyprusCD Medal - Long service and good conduct medal

From Left to Right

Special Service Medal - Peace Keeping Medal - UN Forces Cypress Medal - CD Medal


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